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Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.


A healthy outside start from the inside.
Start eating wisely!


Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in.

Our Mission

We help people who struggle with life’s challenges to find meaningful ways to improve lives through online therapy anytime and anywhere. We want to help as many people as possible to be physically and mentally healthy. Then balanced people will be able to help those around them to increase the percentage of healthy environments in the world.

Our Vision

Being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you is the greatest achievement. We all have to fight various battles, but this is perhaps the most important, the one with ourselves, in which to keep our authenticity, not to become one with the rest. There are, of course, in each of us aspects that need to be improved, defects that need to be corrected or ways of acting need to be learned. The key remains in the fact that we do not have to change those small details that give us originality. But how can we differentiate original details from weird behaviours, especially nowadays when information spread so fast and we risk our image being affective? The secret is to have a stable foundation, to get to know yourself, be honest and assumed with your choices and opinions.

We believe that honest and effective communication with you and with others leads to understanding different perspectives and power healthy human beings. Looks very simply, but adopting an effective communication often involves hard work with yourself or with specialists. As everyone is unique, Human Equilibrium helps people to easily connect with specialists based on their unique needs.

Personal growth is the ongoing process of understanding and developing oneself in order to achieve one's fullest potential. Our relationship with ourselves is the most important one we will ever have! Self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-efficacy.

Optimize yourself and your life will follow!

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Perfectly matched

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Listen to what my clients say

  • I am impressed by my psychotherapist professionalism. He listened very carefully and successfully guided me through life’s tough situations.
    Brandon Ross
  • I am so grateful finding out Human Equilibrium services. Is extremely comfortable being able to find my nutritionist for my diet issues and my physiotherapist for my backpain caused by sitting ours in front of my computer in a single place and attend sessions from home.
    Kevin Perry
  • Exactly what people needs nowadays. Easy, fast, comfortable, and multiple services in the same place. I love this concept.
    Felicia Johnson
  • To be honest I was forced to find an online physiotherapist by circumstances, but luckily, I discovered Human Equilibrium and I am impressed how rapidly I got matched with my physiotherapist and how the right exercises through online sessions amazingly relieved my back pain. Even more I received helpful advices from my physiotherapist.
    Katarina Johnes
  • After two psychology failures, I decided to give another try with Human Equilibrium. I got matched with my therapist Eva. She is profoundly attentive and incredibly helpful. Her approach helped me to clarify my life.
    Joan Avina
  • Adrian is a great physiotherapist. His insights and approach improved body condition.
    Kevin Perry
  • My partner and I are extremely grateful as we successfully improved our relationship talking with an excellent counsellor on Human Equilibrium. Now we got matched with Jhon, an amazing yoga instructor and we love spending time together from the comfort of our home in advantage for our bodies. Also thinking to get a nutrition session in the future.
    Tony Johnson, 37 years
  • Absolutely amazing! I have been able to resolve my problems on a single place. Highly encourage online therapy!
    Tony Johnson, 24 years
  • My anxiety and irritability disappeared attending constant online support for my mind and my diet.
    Jennifer Lee, 32 years

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